The methods and motives in order


10 tips for those who quit Smoking

The methods and motives in order to say goodbye to Smoking can be very different. But almost everyone is throwing the first time is experiencing some discomfort.

“Arise purely physical mechanisms of addiction is the same abstinence, which is sometimes difficult to tolerate. It can be irritability, mood swings, emotional outbreaks, possibly sleep disturbance. I say may, because may or may not be! But after three weeks of abstinence is almost everyone,” says expert psychologist Larisa Teslenko. Those who have already decided to “Quit!”, Larisa Teslenko gives some General recommendations that will help without complications and as comfortable as possible to endure a short but often difficult period immediately after quitting cigarettes:

1. For the first time… give strong tea, coffee and alcohol

Nicotine is a powerful stimulant, and the body after quitting Smoking will strive to recaptured by stimulants of coffee, tea and alcohol. Drinking in this sense is a very dangerous thing for a recovering smoker. Smokers themselves know that when they drink, reduced self-control, and smoked cigarettes much more than usual. Alcohol rastormazivate and the man becomes difficult to resist the temptation to smoke.

2. Tell the gluttony — no!

Some people get better when quitting Smoking. Why? Experts say that people tend to move from one dependence to another. Psychologist Larissa Dyshlenko explains: “From the psychoanalytical perspective (Freud) Smoking and alcohol is the satisfaction of oral needs, roughly speaking, needs to take something in the mouth is a nipple! What happens with food? It some people like to replace the first two dependencies. Doctors recommend for such purposes to use either homeopathic remedies or candies and mint gum without sugar.

But people are starting to eat seeds, biscuits, sweet candy, nuts, which are very high in calories. They better not quit Smoking, and that is starting to replace cigarettes with food.” In order not to get fat, eating the “syndrome” fries, bacon and cakes, you need to limit in your diet high-calorie, fatty, sweet and starchy food. Besides the first time is to avoid smoked, too spicy, salty and very sweet foods.

“This does not mean not to indulge yourself completely, if you want, you can eat, but a little: one pickled cucumber, a piece of sausage, but not a whole smoked fish! Because spicy food is also a stimulant, as the body first needs to break from such “thrills”” — says Larisa Gennadyevna. But a fluid body in this period required more than usual — drink mineral water, juice, infusion and herbal teas.

3. Vitaminiziruet yourself!

Multivitamin preparations (containing at least vitamins a, E, C, B1 and B6) weaken the “syndrome” and accelerate the process of cleansing the body of toxins from tobacco. The administration of these drugs is recommended for at least a month after Smoking cessation.

4. Distract yourself… chewing gum, candies and homeopathy

Great distraction — chewing gum (preferably mint) first 7-10 days. There are homeopathic medicines, developed specially for those who quit: “Corrida+”, “little Smoke” “Tabacs”. “The meaning of homeopathy that when you want to smoke, instead of cigarette you take this pill. Herbal, bitter taste, it kind of replaces your process of Smoking satisfies an oral need” — says the psychologist. Besides, some people such medications can have a reflex to produce disgust at the thought of Smoking.

5. Replace cigarette nicotine for therapeutic

Nicotinamidase drugs really help, and they are quite valid — experts say. What is nicotinamidase therapy? Stopping Smoking, a person still receives a minimum dose of nicotine either through the skin (patch), or through gum — this helps to soften the existence of the “syndrome”. “Nicotinamidase means give normal results when used as maintenance therapy and not as a panacea. Any, even the most good drugs help, but not critical” — says Larisa Gennadyevna.

6. Breathe!

When you want to smoke and rolls up the irritation, try diaphragmatic breathing — breathing technique the stomach. About this technique it is possible to read online or to learn it from a specialist. It’s not complicated — it is simple and available method of relaxation, an element of meditation, familiar to all who practice yoga or martial arts.

7. Help yourself to calm down

If irritation still takes up over you, and deep breathing doesn’t help — try the most harmless sedatives: “Glycine” 2 tablets under the tongue, 3-5 times a day + soothing herbal teas. You can also use valocordin, tincture of Valerian, Corvalol, Novo-passit. These drugs remove or reduce irritability, excitability, anxiety and sleep disorders. Of these funds need to choose one, and if after a few days of taking the symptoms continue to be bothersome, you can replace it with another. Listed sedative drugs are taken in doses indicated on the packaging, at least 3 times a day for 1-2 weeks.

8. Sleep and move!

Quit Smoking and starting a new life, need to take better care of yourself. More movement! Walks in winter and summer + sports! One like swimming pool, other — Jogging, third — skates, skis or bike. Be sure to get enough sleep, follow the regime of the day and try not to overwork at work, especially the first days after giving up cigarettes.

9. Don’t leave yourself a way to retreat!

From the apartment, the car, out of her bag and out of the workplace get absolutely all the items related to tobacco: lighters, ashtrays, cigarette cases, cigarette packets, and their ilk. Do not leave any secret stash! If the kitchen you have a gas stove, instead of a lighter better use matches to nothing reminiscent of the old habit. “Associative objects often provoke to smoke, so they should definitely get rid of” — says the psychologist.

10. Make the space around the smoke-free zone

First time is very important less likely to happen in smokers companies — soak at least 10 days without parties and intimate gatherings, where people drink alcohol and smokes a cigarette. Do not push yourself! At work, if colleagues go for a smoke, go to the other side: in buffet to drink tea or eat an Apple, call a friend, write a letter, in the warm season — just go out to breathe in the Smoking — room, and on the street! All family, friends and relatives tell us about that throw, and ask them not to smoke in your presence — don’t hesitate, you have every right to do! If some people in my family smoke, so let them do the breaks on the landing. The apartment is now a smoke — free zone!

Loving people will understand you and support you! The only thing what not to do — zealously and aggressively to campaign all the others to rid of the bad habit with you — this will only cause irritation and protest, leave the people to their right of choice!